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My readings are done with Tarot, my Guide's influence, my Angel's insight and my own Intuitive awareness plus 62 years of life experience - At this time my Readings are offered via Email only. This is what I have been guided to do and I listen to that Empathic/Intuitive' side of myself as it's always served me well! I can teach you how to do that also, and I can answer your questions on 'Experiences', 'Life situations', 'Empathic Abilities', 'Intuitive Abilities', 'Astral Travel', 'Dreams', 'Telepathy', 'Crystals', 'Seeing and Hearing things', 'Smelling things', 'How to see Auras', 'How to cope being an Empath', 'How to block Psychic Vampires', 'How to lead a much more normal life' and so many other situations and skills!!

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