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Psychic Medium Lisa Freeman is amazing. She has been given a great gift that she passes unto us. She helped me through one of the toughest and most crucial times of my life and became a dear friend in the process. She gave me a great sense of calm, inner peace and she was instrumental in getting my life back. Her no-nonsense, kind, and "soft touch" approach, was not what I was expecting. Yet, a welcomed surprise. Lisa is a Great Teacher, a Phenomenal Friend and a Incredible Psychic.Not only was my faith strengthened thanks to her,But she served as a strong spiritual guide and will thoroughly impress you with her gift. If you have the chance and PRIVILEGE to have a reading with her, I highly recommend it. She has cleared the way for me!

A.J. Garcia


Hey Lisa, I am so proud of all you have, and are, doing!

Sandy Anastasi

World Renowned Psychic Channel, Teacher, Author, Lecturer

Dear Sandy, You have found a real gem in Lisa Freeman. I was fortunate enough to stay after class to attend her seminar to contact the other side. WOW, she was so right on for many of the people in attendance. I know in my case she was 100%. The two things I could not make sense of were validated when I came back home and told my friend about her niece coming through courtesy of my mother. My friend was so grateful and given such peace by the information. I think Lisa is phenomenal in her delivery and information she relays from our loved ones. It IS such a comfort to know that my friends and family are still around and participating in my life and watching over me and my daughter. I am also encouraged by the fact that Lisa was able to attain this level of clarity in such a short period of time. I had doubts after the first day of homework but got such a great partner that I have decided to continue with the course.

Kathy Bell

What a Great Find!

The second half of my life started with my traveling a path that was unfamiliar to me. I had no idea where I was heading, and had no directions re how to get there. It truly was an experience unlike any I've known during the first 50 years of my life. Lisa was instrumental in helping me to find the light within myself which led me an awakening unlike any I could, or would, have imagined! I had no idea what was lacking, and I've become more "me" than I've ever been before. She offered me the support and advice I needed to overcome my fears and to open myself up to my true abilities. I highly recommend Lisa to anyone who is looking to take the next step but may be unsure how to trust themselves enough to actually do it. I'm excited for you...! What a wonderful experience you will have working with Lisa and finding your way!


Tarot Professional and Psychic Intuitive

Lisa you have such a special gift!! Thank you for your reading. Everything you have said came true!! I did leave my previous job and you were right, I have a new job and working with children~~just like you said. God Bless Lori



My sister and I have had several readings with Lisa. she kept us in touch with our mother who had Alzheimer's before she died. It was very comforting to know she really was still with us. We can't thank Lisa enough for that.

Susan Green

psychic enthusiast

Happy to see all is going well for you. You are a special person Lisa, and a blessing to all who meet and make a connection with you. Looking forward to my interview of you for Love and light, Trinda

Trinda Latherow

speaker, author, consultant

Hello Lisa: I am so glad you taped my reading last week. As I was driving home I listened to it in my car and soooo many things hit me as I heard every word for the second time. The number 3 my Father kept hounding you about. He is/was a HUGE Dale Earnhart fan... I cannot believe I didn't get that immediately when you said it. You are amazing! I look forward to my next reading. Many blessings, Renee Jacobs

Renee Michele

Great reading!

I am Very Thankful, for Lisa and the help she has the ability to give and and that she HAS given me. THANKS LISA and LISA's Friends! Gibran.


Thank God for Lisa.

My first reading with Lisa was 5 years ago. Several of my relatives and friends from the other side came forward with information filled with specific details. I have had a reading with Lisa every year since and have been delighted each time. Thank you Lisa for sharing your amazing gift!



Thank you Lisa for helping me in 'turning on' my light through the psychic development courses & your guidance! Love your new site, can't wait to see more! Blessed Be!

David Leal

All My Love

Lisa, you gave me a reading 3 years ago. I must say that you were fantastic..Everything that you told me was all so true. I was prepared for what was coming and thank you so much. I was the coach for football youth team and yes we were undefeated that saeson and my kids were so fantastic. I didnt study my books from sandy and lost what i had. been meditating but havent received anything since. I think I might be punished for not studying. But thank you and always treasure your gift.

Tim Yruegas

My Thanks

Hey Lisa, What a gift. To earn a livinng helping others with the talent or gift that God has given you. Outside of spreading God's love to others, I can think of no greater earthly reward than this. You are very blessed.

Mike Vinson

A Gift

I had a Spirit Communication reading with Lisa at one of Starchild's Fairs. The reading was my first ever of that kind. I was amazed with what came through in the reading. I was amazed with the accuracy of things that the spirit communicated to me via Lisa. I am looking forward to getting another reading with Lisa in the near future

Robert N

First Time Reading

My reading with you was absolutely incredible! My dad came through so clearly, and you were head-on about so many things...Dad's relationship with my son; Dad's acknowledgement of my parenting skills/experience; I know he's always around me, but during that reading, I felt my father more strongly than I have in a very long time. And to have our old friend & neighbor come through with no question as to his identity! Lisa, this reading was not about my future, it was about re-connecting with not only my father, but with others who have passed and who were so very important and significant to me and my life. That is why I had a Spirit Communication reading. I have recommended you to everyone I know, and I will continue to do so. You helped me immensely....not only did my father acknowledge the man I am now going to marry, but he approved, and that was the validation I needed. Thanks so much for touching my heart and reminding me that Dad didn't really leave

Phyllis Pritchard

Port Charlotte Florida

Hi Lisa, I just feel compelled to write to you to thank you again for our recent readings... the reading that reached out to so many of my loved ones really blew me away. I have read it over and over again and still have tears come to my eyes each and every time. When you mentioned my Grandma's Apple pie sitting next to the Orange Fresca, I knew she was there! :) And when my mom called me "her baby girl"... I knew that was her. Lastly, you connected with my ex-boyfriend that died over 15 years ago in a car accident where no one really knew (or said) what happened. For him to come through to me... You cannot imagine what kind of closure that brings to me... closure I have been waiting for for so many years. You have such an amazing gift! I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with you and cannot wait to come back to you for another reading. I have already started to tell all my family and friends about you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, it has meant so much to me


Online Client from PA

Several weeks ago my sister and I attended a Message Session at Starchild hosted by Spirit Communicator, Lisa Freeman. The house was packed with those hopeful to receive a message from loved ones who had passed. Lisa did not disappoint-- almost everyone had a message. My personal experience and my sister's was both meaningful and touching. Information was mentioned that only the persons passed could have known; some of which having been committed to memory and not thought of for many years. Lisa's readings, despite being in an open forum setting, were given in such a way that the individual felt as if the reading was private. Time and care was given to each person so one was able to validate their loved one's message. Lisa's abilities are amazing and I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in communicating with those who have passed over. She conducts her Readings with grace, compassion and humor, making each person's experience special

E.A. Bartow

Very Special

Lisa, Thank you for the Healing Session you had with June's cat Plato today. Plato has always been a crier in the car, he cries almost non stop. He cried on the way to Starchild but not a peep from him riding home after your Healing. The Vet called June later and was able to give her a diagnosis and just as you felt, he has an ulcer. It is caused by an over active thyroid. When June got Plato home she said he was very much at ease and no longer agitated as he has been for the past week . You made him feel so much better. This should help you to realize that you are on the right path. Again, June and I thank you so very much for taking the time to help Plato. There are so many creatures out there that can not speak to tell us what is wrong and your unique gift can give so much to them and their people.


Much Gratitude

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