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Do you have Psychic skills and abilities but don't know how to use them, or how to make them stronger? I can absolutely help you with this! I have been psychic all my life, as you have, but I started paying attention at a very early age to those things that seemed 'not quite normal' ... I bet you did also or you would not be reading this right now - so let's be CLAIR -  You might be experiencing one or ALL of these 'psychic-psymptoms' (see what I did there)?? Psychics 'must' have a sense of humor to keep our vibration up and glowing -  So here are the 6 major CLAIRS you might be experiencing:
CLAIRVOYANCE: clear seeing
CLAIRAUDIENCE: clear hearing
CLAIRSENTIENCE: clear feeling
CLAIRALIENCE: clear smelling
CLAIRGUSTANCE: clear tasting
CLAIRCOGNIZANCE: clear knowing
If you are having experiences with any of these things then yes, your Psychic abilities are open or opening and it would be a great time to find out where to go from here - What I am offering is a bit of 'private coaching' via Email, so you can make an educated choice as to if you want to embrace the psychic/intuitive side of yourself, or if you would rather close out that chapter of your life - yes, it IS  a choice - 
If you are an EMPATH (most of us are), or a natural Medium or someone who connects very easily with animals, knows things before they happen or just has that FEELING ... then this might be the place to figure out where to go from this point!
What you are puchasing, if you choose to do so, is an Email Psychic Consultation with explanations of what ability or abilities you are experiencing and what you can do to enhance and expand those skills safely and with minimal resistance from 'self' - Once I have sent you your consultation, I do allow one follow up question if you need clarification on something I have said - 
Now, what qualifies me to offer this with confidence that I can help you?
I am fully certified as a Teacher, by World Renowned Psychic Channel Sandy Anastasi, to teach the Anastasi System of Psychic Development - (I actually have been teaching with Sandy for years in her live, online classes) - I also studied Psychology, Counseling and Child Development in college and spent 17 years working as a Psychiatric Aide in one of Oklahoma's best Mental facilities -
So, a LOT of hands on experience as well as formal education in my 64 years on this planet - (you can't imagine how many people are in a Mental Health facility that are simply 'psychic' or super-sensitive empaths, but have no control over their own abilities, and people they are around don't understand how to help them so they end up medicated to 'shut down' ... 
Ok - truth time - do you want to know? Do you want to learn about your own abilities? If so, now is the time to do that - Purchase this Email consultation and then send me your experiences you are having or why you think you have a certain psychic ability and I will take it from there -  
Email your info here: 
In light,
Lisa Freeman


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