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John Edward Gallery Session


That's what comes to mind when I think about this past Friday night... October, 8th, 2010.

I had the pleasure of being able to attend one of John Edward's gallery sessions for the very first time and I was blown away!! To say that this man is amazing is an understatement!! He is so phenomenal at what he does and how he presents himself. And his delivery of the messages coming through was something to be savored.

The energy that John brings into his sessions is totally over the top, and that stems from the channel he opens along with an ‘in your face personality’ ... it's one of the…. no…… it IS the biggest channel I have ever experienced.... and I say 'experienced' because that is what you do in one of his sessions. Even if you are not one of the folks who actually gets a first hand reading from this man, you are still gaining an amazing energy connection by being in the same space with him! You really can't simply sit and watch.. energetically you become involved on some level and you can literally feel the buzz. So it’s like an entire gallery interaction…

Now, does that mean that everything went smoothly... no.... there are and will always be, those folks getting a reading who become so consumed by their own expectations of what they are hoping to hear, that it can make it difficult for a medium, even someone as amazing as John Edward, to push their way through a bought of 'psychic amnesia'.... but John is such a professional and such a dominating energy, that he simply trudges through the road blocks and continues to forge ahead with the same information he is receiving, over and over, until the person he is trying to bring the message to begins to fully appreciate the process (at least in the moment), and they get out of their own way and begin to ‘hear’ who is coming through and why… and that is a beautiful moment to behold… because when that happens… you can telepathically hear every other person in the audience go “FINALLY”!!!! lol ….. And from that point on, with that particular person, music fills the air, information flows freely, and all is right with the world…. Until the next person’s turn…lol….. And then here we go again.

I have to tell you …. John Edward has a lot of patience with his audience. I have never seen anyone who can say the very same thing, 5 different ways, in order to help the person ‘here in the physical’, understand the message from the person on the other side, and not get so frustrated that he throws his hands in the air and stops trying. John is very persistent… he does NOT give up! And his comments and facial expressions will keep you laughing all night….. But John has been doing this now for 25 years, and he knows how very significant that one little red shoe, or the leaky roof over the bathroom in the back of the house, or the ’tooth you have in your pocket’… can be to the person he is talking to, so he continues on until it ‘click’s… and he knows he has done his job for that one reading.

I just have to interject one more time… WOW!!!

If you have not ever gone to one of John Edward’s gallery sessions I do strongly encourage you to do so. Even if you are not personally read by him, you are not left wanting. And why? Because by the time you leave a 2 hour session such as the one I attended… you ‘get it’! You understand the process much more clearly and you know that the people getting the readings that night were the one’s who we suppose to… and you walk away from the experience ‘yourself’ with a whole different perspective and a more intense appreciation of what John’s work is all about and how very important it is…

I meet a lot of people along my path, and am constantly hearing “I do what John Edward does”….. sorry folks… there is and will always be, only ONE John Edward in our lifetime.... And although there are many mediums on this planet who do spirit communication, and do a very nice job through their own abilities…… NOBODY does it like John Edward!!

I can’t wait to see him in action again!

If you visit John’s site at you can find his yearly schedule of events…. And while you are checking things out, visit his new and awesome teaching site:… You can’t even imagine what John Edward has put together on this site! You will never have to look for another metaphysical school again in order to gain the knowledge you seek!!

“Choose today to see things you closed your eyes to yesterday and it shall light the way to a much brighter tomorrow”!

Lisa Freeman

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