Lisa C. Freeman ~ Intuitive Consultant ~ Psychic Development Coach ~ Teacher 

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The Anastasi System Of Psychic Development

Coaching Program with System Teacher

Lisa C Freeman


Choose today to see things you closed your eyes to yesterday and it shall light the way to a much brighter tomorrow”! – Lisa C. Freeman

The power of ‘choice’ is yours!

Your ‘next’ step in your own self-evolution, in your FUTURE

begins with the touch of a button, TODAY!

Studying this program with Me as your Coach is going to be Life Changing for You! Your Intuitive Awareness is only limited by your own blocks! I am going to get you past those blocks easily, quickly and with respect to who you are and what you want to gain from this experience! This course unfolds 'in YOUR time' because it must fit into Your life in order to reap the greatest rewards!

“I am passionate about combining my 60 years of life experience, skills, creativity, formal education and Intuitive Awareness to bring you to the next level in your own life!” YOU are the only thing holding you back!

Hello! My name is Lisa Freeman and I am a fully certified teacher of The Anastasi System Of Psychic Development, created by my Mentor, Colleague and Good Friend, Sandy Anastasi!

I began my journey that led my teaching this series of intuitive development courses, many years ago as a child, having experiences with seeing things, hearing things, feeling things… just like You.

In my collage years I was drawn to Psychology, Counseling and Child Development, and then later in life after leaving a marriage that did not serve me well, and a dead end job, I needed to expand my personal knowledge and find ‘who I really was’… not who others wanted me to be.

I was led to Sandy Anastasi, as you have been led to me, and I began on my own personal journey by taking this very course that I am now teaching to others. I was that ‘long distance student’, just like You!

I fully understand the discipline and encouragement one needs in order to complete this program without direct classroom instruction which is why, as your Coach, I am always available via e-mail to help you along this path!

Once I gained certification via correspondence classes I was so pumped with my personal accomplishments through my new Intuitive Awareness, that I took action by changing my limitations of self, and I moved to Florida to study in person with Sandy.

To this date, I have completed over 500 hours under her direct tutelage.

I am certified to teach all 6 levels of Sandy’s program and have been involved in teaching many in-person classes as her co-teacher and ground. I have also been working with correspondence students since 2004.

Sandy believes I am highly qualified for the job of coaching her system through this avenue!

When she asked me to be her First Online Coach for her program, I knew I wanted to do this!

I am Passionate about helping students find their way on their personal journey! I ‘want’ You to unfold those abilities that you have held within yourself for so long! I ‘want’ You to be able to use those skills every day and do so with control and confidence!


Welcome to

The Anastasi System Of Psychic Development

Coaching Program

This Coaching program is designed to work with students studying the Anastasi System of Psychic Development via E-mail correspondence in which a student may acquire a certificate of completion from Sandy Anastasi and the Anastasi System, without actual in-person instruction.

All PD Levels are studied via downloadable MP4 video of Sandy’s live classes, (included with this package), the corresponding E-book for each level, e-mail correspondence with me, Lisa Freeman, as needed, and you will also be invited to become a Member of The Anastasi System Of Psychic Development Facebook page, private to system students only, so you have other like-minded people to interact with and share experiences with!


There is a ‘per level fee’ of $550
for the Anastasi System Of Psychic Development Coaching program
if you pay as you go.
However, I am now offering a ‘PAY IN FULL’ option!!
Pay $2,600 up front for the entire course, and SAVE $700 TODAY!

Click below to purchase this course

Please note, You are not bound to a specific length of time to complete these levels. This is a program geared to fit into your personal lifestyle needs. You may work through this course as fast, or as slow as needed, as long as all of the required material is learned and the exams are completed to My satisfaction.