Lisa C. Freeman ~ Intuitive Consultant ~ Psychic Development Coach ~ Teacher 

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The Power Of Decision Is One Of The Strongest

Things On This Planet!

Choices And Decisions Change Everything!

Are you where you want to be in this life?

Are you creating your own future and taking control of your destiny? Do you have dreams yet to be reached?

95% of my clients come back for another reading! 

Hello, my name is Lisa Freeman and I am a

Professional Psychic Intuitive Consultant, Teacher and

Psychic Development Coach.

You have been led to Me while searching for someone who 'will' help You quickly move past blocks and easily tear down built in beliefs and pre-programed thoughts that have been controlling Your life 4-Ever!

You have been led to Me because You are having 'experiences', 'dreams', psychic abilities You can't explain nor control and 'it's time' to take action!

You have been led to Me because 'it's time' to reach out to someone who 'will' help you 'take back control' in your life, with quick, easy methods!

With 60 years of life experience, skills, creativity, College education and Intuitive Awareness Education, I am an Authority in my field!

I have been where you are!

I have had the psychic experiences that came out of nowhere and I had no clue what to do with them. I have had the vivid dreams that I knew meant something but not sure what. I have been out of work, been through a divorce, lived through Winters with no heat.. lost family members... lost pets... been on top of the world and then down again... and then I stepped back and said 'no more'! I took control of my life and now a HUGE goal of mine is to help YOU do that same thing!

My readings are a way of sharing my 'first hand' knowledge and experience with You, so that You can also say 'No More' to the things in Your life that are no longer working for You and You 'will' take Your power back!

You will gain insight into Your own life and learn how to move forward 'today' so positive changes will begin happening for You quickly!

 No matter what background You come from or what Your current lifestyle is, I will help You reach for Your goals and push resistance out of the way.

I will inspire You and help You make those important little changes that will expand Your ability to take back the control in Your own life and start being that person You desire to be!

The power of 'choice' is Yours!