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Welcome To My World!

Well known for her down to earth approach, Lisa's compassion for her clients, and her wonderful sense of humor, has her thought of very highly by other psychics

The Power Of YOUR OWN 'Personal Decision' 

Is One Of  The Strongest Energies On This Planet!

Choices & Decisions Change Everything!

Are You where You want to be today?

Are You creating Your own future and taking control of Your destiny? Do You have dreams yet to be reached?

Hello, my name is Lisa Freeman and I am an


Professional Mentor/Consultant,

Anastasi System of Psychic Development Teacher

You have been led to Me while searching for someone who 

'will' help You quickly move past blocks and easily tear 

down built-in beliefs and pre-programed thoughts that 

have been controlling Your life 4-Ever!

You have been led to Me because You are having Empathic & Intuitive experiences You either can't control, You wish to 'shut down' or You want to 'ramp up', and NOW is the time to take action!

You have been led to Me because 'it's time' to reach out to 

someone who 'will' help You 'take back control' of 

your life, with quick, easy direction!

I have been where you are!

I have had the Empathic & Intuitive experiences that came out of nowhere and I had no clue what to do with them. 

I have had the vivid dreams that I knew meant 

something but no clue what. 

I have been out of work, been through a divorce, 

lived through Winters with no heat.. lost family members ... 

lost pets ... been on top of the world and then down again ... 

and then I stepped back and said 'no more'! 

I took control of my life and now a HUGE goal of mine is 

to help YOU do that very same thing in your life! 

My Email Mentorship/Consulations are a way of sharing my 

'first hand' knowledge and experience with You, 

so that You can say 'No More' to the things in Your life 

that are no longer serving You well, and You 'WILL'

be able to make the changes to 'take You power back'!!

You will gain insight into Your own life and learn how 

to move forward 'today' so positive changes will 

begin happening for You quickly!

 No matter what background You come from or what 

Your current lifestyle is, I will help You reach for 

Your goals and push resistance out of the way.

The power of 'choice' is Yours!

**LET'S GO**

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