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Animal Energy Worker

Certified Teacher for

The Anastasi System Of Psychic Development

Personal Psychic Ability Consultant

 "Choose today to see things you closed your eyes to yesterday and it

shall light the way to a much brighter tomorrow"!

Lisa C. Freeman

Born a left handed Libra, I have always worked to bring balance and harmony into my life as well as the lives of others. I have been an Empath & Intuitive since my very first breath, although I was well into my adult years before I fully embraced this amazing life! 

As a Mentor/Consultant I am constantly seeking to help people just like YOU, to find what YOUR personal abilities are and to guide you on how to Accept, Strengthen AND Control Your own Empathic and Intuitive skills! 

By offering easy but very constructive advice through observation, my guides input, my life experiences and my educational background, I have Guided MANY people to a more fulfilling and positive way of life! 

In my world there is simply nothing more rewarding than knowing I have helped guide someone to a higher level of themselves so they can become 'whole and healthy' again!

I was always fascinated with how the mind and body worked, so I attended college focusing on Psychology and Counseling with an emphasis on Child Development. That gives me a 'huge' amount of educational background to do the work I do today!

After college, I worked hands on with adults and teens at a Mental Institution in Oklahoma. That experience brought with it a great deal of insight for the Mentoring/Consulting I am offering You today! I helped people who were depressed, suicidal, emotional, had mental and physical restrictions, people who were simply 'lost', people who 'lived inside their own heads', people who were afraid to leave their house because the energy of others consumed them, people who feel other's emotions and pains more than they feel their own.. Back then, nobody had a clue how to help except to 'medicate' and 'separate'!! 


Many of You ask how I began working as a Professional Mentor/Consultant. After years of amazing Empathic and Intuitive experiences, I accepted that I had an ability within myself that needed to be brought to the surface... Acknowledged, Embraced, Nourished and Trained. I searched for someone to help me understand what I was Seeing, Hearing, Feeling, Smelling, Knowing... and I was led to my Mentor and good friend, Sandy Anastasi.

I have been a Professional Mentor/Consultant for many years now and I love what I do! I combine my diversified and ever expanding Metaphysical knowledge and over 60 years of life experience as a born Empath and Intuitive, to help those who come to me for insight and to learn to control their own abilities.

It is a passion and a responsibility that I do not take lightly and I am here as much as I can be for YOU so your life can become your own again!

I do need 'recharge time', so when I am not helping You, I enjoy reading, writing, spending time at the beach, quiet meditation time, Pizza and continually learning about the Metaphysical World and all that it has to offer. 

Currently I reside in Florida with the love of my life, my Little Pekingese, Baby Laney. 

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