Lisa C. Freeman ~ Intuitive Consultant ~ Psychic Development Coach ~ Teacher 

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This is a ONE QUESTION Email Intuitive Guidance Consultation. Send me your experience, what you are seeing, what you are hearing, what you are 'knowing', and I will tell you what Empathic or Intuitive ability is going to work best for you! Do you 'see' people who have crossed over? Do you 'know' things before they happen? Do you 'feel' other's emotions? Do you 'hear' other's thoughts and then they say what you were just thinking? If someone hands you an object do you immediately get a 'vision' in your mind? Do you 'see' colors around people and animals? When someone asks you a question do you 'spout off information' and then wonder where that came from? When you pick up a crystal, can you 'feel' the vibration? Have you ever sat in a chair in a public place and had to get right back up because you 'knew' someone with negative energy had sat there? Do you sometimes have to move from one table to another in a restaurant because the one they sat you at is so very uncomfortable for you? Do you sometimes know who is about to call you, and then they do? Do you know when a family memeber is in trouble, 'before' someone tells you? Have you ever walked into someone else's space and had to leave immediately? Do you leave your body at night when you sleep? Have you ever had a dream about 'flying'? Do you sometimes have a better conversation with someone using just telepathy? Have people who have crossed over come to you in a dream? Do you have a hard time being in a group of people? Do you feel more comfortable when you are alone with just 'your own thoughts'? Ask ONE QUESTION of me and I will tell you what is happening, which Empathic or Intuitive ability you are dealing with and how you can begin to use that to your advantage! LET'S DO THIS! Once you make your payment simply Email me your one question and I will take it from there!!

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