Lisa C. Freeman ~ Intuitive Consultant ~ Psychic Development Coach ~ Teacher 

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What I am offering you is the opportunity to have a FULL HOUR Psychic Intuitive Consultation with me Every Single Month for 12 months! Please read my Full Hour Intuitive Reading explanation of what that entails. Yes, you heard correct.... A FULL HOUR EACH MONTH! That would normally cost around $2,400 at my regular reading price!!! I am making you an offer of a lifetime! All 12 months for only $2,000!!! You are basically hiring Your Own Personal Psychic Intuitive for the entire year!! You and I will have a phone session one time per month to talk about anything you need clarification on, help with to move forward with a relationship or job... health issues.. Your Own Intuitive Journey.. whatever situation that is conflicting or confusing or standing in your way of your own success..... it's your hour! EXTRA BONUS: I will also answer follow up E-mails for you after we have our monthly session. That means you have my Intuitive Support for a full year via E-mail also!! This is an amazing opportunity! Don't miss out! I only take a few Special Clients each year for this type of Premium Package! That way I have more time to dedicate to YOU and your personal questions!

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