Lisa C. Freeman ~ Intuitive Consultant ~ Psychic Development Coach ~ Teacher 

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During this 1/2 hour phone session we are going to talk about Your psychic abilities, which ones are strongest for You, how You are going to embace them, and how to make them stronger and more controlled so they benefit You!

Our planet has become a psychic playground and you MUST begin using Your abilities in order to keep up with the rest of the world.

Consider your intuition the 'computer chip' for Your brain.... it's time to turn it on and ramp up it's capabilities!

This is not foreign to us.... this is simply a part of who we are that we Must start understadning and using! Like any muscle in your body, if you build it, nourish it, use it.... it 'will' become a stronger part of who you are!

This is important for Your future and I am the Teacher/Intuitive who can help You work with this side of You! 

I am a teacher of the Anastasi System Of Psychic Development, founded by Sandy Anastasi, my Mentor and very good friend.....Sandy is who John Edward says is the only person who can claim to be his teacher.

I have studied more hours of Psychic Development than most people have put into a College degree. I teach both in person and online with Sandy and I am anxious to help You through this reading! I am also the only person at this time that Sandy is allowing to be a Psychic Development Coach for E-mail students, on her site! That is quite an honor!

I have been where You are.... I have had and still have, the experiences... I hear my name called when nobody is around... feel someone brush against me when I am alone in the house... I see people walk in front of me that are on the other side... I smell flowers where there are none and see shadow people walk into the wall. I 'know' things that have not been told to me... I have missed being in accidents because I listened to that little voice that said 'turn here'.... I have felt other's emotions and picked up headaches that were not mine... I see beautiful auras and get messages that help myself and others.  

It's time, my friend, that you walk out of that Psychic Closet and work with your abilities. It's a huge part of who You are and it's never been so accepted as it is today. It's gone viral!

I am here to help You.... it's what I do... it's what I love... it's why I am here on this planet, walking this path!

I look forward to working with You during this 1/2 hour session of questions and answers. Let's get you set up for Your psychic success!!

In love and light,

Psychic Intuitive Consultant,

Lisa Freeman

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