Lisa C. Freeman ~ Intuitive Consultant ~ Psychic Development Coach ~ Teacher 

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This is the very same type of Intuitive reading that Lisa does over the phone, but instead, you will send her 2 questions that you would like answers to, and she will e-mail those answers back to you.

You may ask about any subject you wish, except for Mediumship. Lisa will not be connecting to the other side through this type of reading. She leaves that for her phone sessions. Together, Lisa's guides will address your questions and through intuitive awareness, be able to work with any subject you would like clarity on.

These are not simply yes/no answers. Lisa connects with her guides and yours, and gains insightful information that she then sends along to you with an indepth and easy to understand answer.

Sometimes we just need a little extra guidance, a little extra help, a few constructive suggestions from someone who can listen without judgement. Lisa is always going to have your best interest at heart when doing these readings. She wants the best for her clients and offers a sort of 'e-mail therapy' when needed.

If you choose to purchase this 2 question e-mail, once  your payment is complete, please e-mail your questions to Lisa at [email protected] and she will make sure she gets to your reading as quckly as she can. Readings are done by order, so do not hesitate.

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